Dear Members,
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Ruia College Alumni Association (RCAA), a company
registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 and having CIN
U74999MH2018NPL311030, shall be held on Sunday, September 18, 2022, at 10.00 am in Room
G 12 (Ground Floor), Ramnarain Ruia College. Pre-registration to attend the AGM is requested by
email at on or before September 11, 2022.
Agenda of the meeting:
1. To receive, consider and adopt the Audited Financial Statements consisting of the Balance
Sheet as at 31st March 2022, the Statement of Profit and Loss Account and Cash Flow for
the year ended on that date, the Notes forming part thereof along with the Report of the
Board of Directors and the Auditors thereon.
“RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the Board of Directors of the Company be and are hereby severally
authorised to do all acts and take all such steps as may be necessary, proper or expedient to give
effect to this Resolution.”

2. To present the annual report of activities of RCAA for the financial year 2021-22;
3. Launch of the revamped RCAA website on a new platform & on mobile Apps.
4. Any other matter with the permission of the Chair.
As the tenure of the present Managing Committee gets over, the process of election of seventeen
(17) members of a new Managing Committee (for 2022-2024) shall be held on the day of the AGM.
The Managing Committee consists of 25 members: 17 elected members; Immediate Past President
(IPP); Principal, Ruia College; Vice Principal; Ruia Junior College; and five (5) Co-opted Members.
Members who wish to be elected to the Managing Committee of RCAA for the period 2022-24 are
requested to fill and submit the nomination form sent via the attached Google form in this e-mail.
The completed nomination forms should be submitted on or before 5 pm (India time) on
September 10, 2022. Last date for withdrawal of nominations is September 13, 2022, by 5 pm
(India time).
The election will be held, if required. Only those members who are present at the AGM shall be
eligible to vote.
Please find attached herewith the following documents:
1. The audited accounts of RCAA for the financial year 2021-2022, and audit report;
2. Link to the Google form for nomination for the election.
By the order of the Board of Directors,
For Ruia College Alumni Association
Lalit R. Chadha
(DIN: 00593193)

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