Welcome to Ruia College Alumni Association (RCAA)

The Ramnarain Ruia College of Arts & Science was established in June 1937. It was the first college in Mumbai to be started by the Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali, Pune. This College is affiliated to University of Mumbai and conducts courses at the Undergraduate and Graduate (Postgraduate) levels. Today, Ruia College enjoys the reputation of being one of the finest institutions of higher learning in the country. Its outstanding performance in the field of curricular and co-curricular activities has very considerably enhanced its prestige and brought it substantial financial assistance from the University Grants Commission, the CSIR and many other equally reputed bodies. The name ‘RUIA’ has been reverberating in the ears of Mumbaikars for eight decades much to the pride and joy of all Ruiates, for the simple fact that it is not an easy task to run an educational institution for 80 years and also maintain excellence not only in the academic front but also in curricular and extracurricular activities. The role of an alumni association becomes particularly significant in the context of a long history of sustained performance of an institution, that the contribution of its alumni who have distinguished themselves in different spheres of activity. This is where the alumni association could play an important role

Ruia College Alumni Association (RCAA)

With a view to maintaining a steadfast and lasting relationship with the Alma Mater, the Ruia Alumni Association was formed way back in 1963 under the able leadership of the Principal B Y Oke to give the past students an opportunity to interact with their old friends and teachers and to give the college an opportunity to be acquainted with the achievements of its alumni. In the earlier years, the activities of the Alumni Association were few and far between, but the Association received a fillip from the former Principal Late Prof A P Rao, at the time of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the college.

Main objectives of RCAA are as follows:
a) To enable the Alumni members to retain their links with their Alma Mater and to revive old association with their college mates and teachers.
b) To organise fund-raising programmes to help the college create necessary infrastructure or assist in other activities.
c) To institute scholarships and grants for deserving students of the College for excellence in academics and other fields of activity.
d) To promote the activities of Ruia College to the outside world and project its image as a premier institution in various fields of activity.
e) To exchange ideas, spread knowledge and bring the benefit of experience of such outstanding and accomplished alumni to the students and staff of the college.

In 2011, on the occasion of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Ruia College, RCAA presented its own website that allowed all those who have passed out of Ruia and have been a fundamental part of the College’s educational experience to revive their memories attached to Ruia. RCAA has initiated this alumni portal to extend the Ruia College family. The ex-students who have passed out of this institution now have the opportunity to meet and greet their classmates. The Alumni network is structured in such a fashion that, it provides a platform for communication as well as networking. One can find out about their batch mates, create groups, and form communities. The RCAA thus presents an opportunity for all RUIATES to relive their past memories with each other.

Ruia alumni comprise a galaxy of eminent individuals from different walks of life. To cite a few names Dr Kasturirangan (former Chairman of ISRO and now member of the Rajya Sabha), Dr D.Ramkrishna (distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, member of the US National Academy of Engg, and a foreign fellow of Indian National Academy of Engg.), prominent members from the medical fraternity like Dr Ajit Phadke (Urologist), Dr Ramamurthy (Physician), Dr Mukund Joshi (Radiologist), Dr Medha Patkar, popular Social activist, legal luminaries like Justice Hemant Gokhale (Judge, SC), Economists like Dr Narendra Jadhav (member, Planning Commission) Lord Meghnad Desai (Socio-political Economist), sportspersons like Mr Nandu Natekar (International Badminton Champion), cricketers like Mr Ajit Wadekar, Mr Sandeep Patil, Mr Lalchand Rajput, Mr Raju Kulkarni, etc., classical musicians like Pt Vidhyadhar Vyas, Ms Shruti Sadolikar Katkar, Ms Ashwini Bhide, theatre and film personalities like Mr Dilip Prabhawalkar, Ms Bharti Achrekar, Ms Smita Talwalkar, Ms Sonali Bendre, well-known politicians like Mr Manohar Joshi (former Chief Minister and Speaker of the Lok Sabha), Mr Dilip Valse Patil (Education Minister of Maharashtra), and a never-ending list of personalities from a wide range of fields.